The Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland is a voluntary, not-for-profit member-based organisation representing the coaching profession in Ireland. Its focus is on raising standards in coaching, increasing awareness of the coaching profession and providing support and benefits to LBCAI members.

Our members include professional coaches, both organisational and independent practitioners, coach training providers and persons with a general interest in the coaching profession.

Our site has been designed with you in mind, we hope that you can easily navigate it and make use of the free information and the many free tools available on the site to enhance your understanding of coaching.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional relationship between two people, the coach and the client. The relationship is formed to enable the client to do some or all of the following:

•  Set new and betters goals for some or all areas of their life
•  To re-focus the Client on what is important.
•  Develop tools and support structures to empower their life
•  To complete a specific task


By Hook Or By Crook

The origin of the phrase is unknown, with multiple different explanations in Ireland we take it to mean that it comes from Hook Head Co. Wexford and across the estuary the nearby village of Crook in Co. Waterford. You can see from the attached photo that whether going in or out of this estuary you have to travel past both Hook and Crook there is no other way, it is an example of taking a physical place and using it as a phase “By Hook or By Crook “people know nothing is going to stop you from reaching you’re goal.

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