What is Supervision?

Supervision is recognised as playing a vital role in all helping professions, so supervision is for people who work with people.

Supervision is a safe place for coaching professionals to experience reflective and experimental learning. Supervision is a structured process for YOU, the coach to reflect on your practise. Just as a coach can help maximise the performance of a coachee, a supervisor maximise the coach's performance through supervision.

What is a supervisee?

A supervisee is a person / coach who comes to a supervisor for supervision.

Why should I bother with supervision?

Supervision is regarded as best practise.  Most supervisees who attend regular supervision sessions are aware of an added bonus to themselves as coaches, to their coaching practise and their clients.  Benefits of supervision for superviseesIt helps supervisees to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

• Keeps supervisees aware of ethical and professional issues.

• It identifies if any of the work being undertaken by the  
 supervisee is starting a parallel process within themselves.

• It keeps supervisees up to date with changes within the  

• Enhances your own practise by challenging you as a coach.

• Helps the supervisee to become more self aware.

How often should I attend supervision?

The Life and Business Coaching association of Ireland recommends that you attend supervision four times per year. This can be done in two ways:

• One to one basis with a trained supervisor.

• Group basis * where a number of supervisees (usually a group  
 that already has a high level of trust amongst themselves) get
 together with a trained supervisor for supervision sessions.

The LBCAI has accredited and recognised approved supervisors. To become a coach practitioner with the LBCAI in 2015 you need to have 4 sessions of supervision during 2014.The necessary supervision report documentation is available along with a back up documentation for clarification.

LBCAI Approved List of Supervisors

Supervisors Report


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